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Gold/Shade releases debut album Halcyon

Friday 06 October 2017

Dutch producer Gold/Shade has been steadily building success since dropping his first single ‘My Muse’ on Spotify earlier this year. His debut album ‘Halcyon’ is released on Powerhouse today and includes eight brand new tracks.

Starting out as one of several musical projects, the Dutch producer and DJ Fritz Nijman, released his first single as Gold/Shade in March this year. Quickly building streams on Spotify and support around the globe, the young producer dropped six more tracks throughout the year and gradually started building towards his debut album. Gathering over a total of 2 million streams within a few months, Gold/Shade has grown into an artist with a one-to-watch status.

‘Halcyon’ shows productions with punchy drums, future house beats and trap influences. Highlighted by stunning tracks with catchy vocals like ‘My Muse’ and ‘Little Lies’, the record makes for a full-fledged debut. An infectious blend of electronic music and pop-flavored deliciousness, the lead single ‘Love Me’ is a song that sticks. Overall, Gold/Shade’s Halcyon characterizes itself with big-synth melodies that have listeners reeling for more.

Gold/Shade states “Releasing ‘Halcyon’ today is a dream! When producing music, I wanted to create something from the heart without taking external trends into account. And what started out as a side project has now turned into a debut album. Presenting this personal music today in the form of an album is very exciting, and I’m curious to find out what the audience will think.”

Click here to listen to ‘Halcyon’.