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Gold/Shade prepares new single ‘Little Lies’

Tuesday 04 July 2017

This won’t be a surprise, but Gold/Shade is back. This time with another classic track that can be deemed an instant must-listen. This time he teamed up with Neenah. A vocalist/songwriter/producer/engineer extraordinaire. (Seriously, there’s hardly anything this woman cannot do. Except for maybe juggling five kittens while driving a car blindfolded) When she heard the beat for Little Lies, it took her just over two hours to write and record her vocal. Magic does happen in an instant.

The combination of her beautiful voice and Gold/Shade’s production has made this song something more than just another track: This is a piece of art. No seriously, we honestly feel that way. And you know what, we’re really confident you will feel so too, after listening to ‘Little Lies’. True story. The track will be available July 7.

Go and check the preview below and let us know what you think!